ARTICLE: Reed Misses Date For Documentary


Twilight star Nikki Reed has revealed she spent her wedding anniversary date supporting a documentary about marriage inequality.

The actress attended the Los Angeles premiere of Bridegroom, afilm detailing what happens when a gay couple is not afforded the same protections as of heterosexual married couples and one partner dies, with her husband Paul McDonald.
Speaking on the red carpet at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, the 25-year-old said the subject was so important they chose to spend their anniversary date drawing attention to the movie.

“I feel like we are still in a really transitional period and it’s really important for people to use their voice and stand up for what they believe in. We are never quite there and I don’t know if we ever will be,” she said.

“We are coming out of a really dark time and I think human beings naturally want to find a reason to dislike people who are not like themselves and hopefully this movie can chip away at that and I’m here to support it.”

She added: “My husband is here, this is how we are spending our only free evening. Our wedding anniversary is tomorrow but I’m working so this is how we are spending our pre-wedding anniversary date.”

American Idol star Adam Lambert also attended the screening, and said the subject matter was still all too important.
“I contributed a song to the film which is a really beautiful song and can hopefully embody some of the emotion the film will bring up.
“There are still issues of intolerance in this country, even in this day and age, and hopefully a film like this can remind people how deep that can run and how it affects people on the other side.”



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